Playground Mixers


Twice a year, we hold a Playground Mixer at both the Cherry and Oak Campus Playgrounds after school. 

This is a great opportunity for the kids to play after school and for parents to meet each other and/or catch up.  

AL PTO provides snacks, drinks, and the opportunity to get to know other families from the school. 

2020-21 School Year - stay tuned.

Boo Bayou

This annual tradition is such a great way to kick off the Fall season as well as announce the $10k Raffle drawing winner!

Boo Bayou brings together families from all three campuses -- a celebration of school community, complete with snacks, fun, and games. 

2020-21 School Year - stay tuned.

Field Day

We end each school year with a great Field Day at each campus. The day is filled with various events from outdoor water games to indoor dodgeball and kickball. 

These events are organized by AL PTO volunteers and it is a favorite of everyone. 

Field Day is held during the last week of school and the date will be finalized after April 1 (when the last day of school is announced).

End of Year Picnic​


One of the final events of the year, AL PTO throws a huge picnic for the school. We invite families and friends of all three campuses! 

Bounce houses, games, and great community are what this day is about. 

AL PTO supplies the hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, buns and condiments, and we ask our families to bring an item to share. 

The date and time will be announced after April 1 (when the last day of school is announced).

2020-21 Académie Lafayette PTO