Mission and Objectives

The purpose of the Académie Lafayette Parent Teacher Organization (AL PTO) is to bring together Académie Lafayette families to encourage relationships and cooperation within the school community, between parents, students and the teachers/staff, so that all work together for the success of our children of Académie Lafayette for the following purposes:

- To facilitate communication between parents, Académie Lafayette administrators, teachers, students, and community.

- To support student activities at Académie Lafayette.

- To acquaint new parents and students with Académie Lafayette.

- To promote the education, health, safety, and general welfare of all Académie Lafayette students.

AL PTO is the largest volunteer group at Académie Lafayette and is responsible for making many events and programs  possible. There is no cost to join - as the parent or guardian of an AL student, you are already a member! We simply ask that you participate by attending meetings as a voting member. 


Meetings are held approximately three times a year and are typically held at the Armour Campus. Childcare and dinner is provided at all meetings. Meetings are your forum for sharing new ideas, challenges and opportunities so that we can work together to make the school a great community.


Dedicated teachers, staff, AND parents help make Académie Lafayette a great school! Please join us in offering your time and talents.

It is rewarding. It is important. And it is FUN!

Check out the school calendar and contact your campus's event coordinator to volunteer and/or participate. 

Fundraising Activities

AL PTO is proud to sponsor and assist many extra curricular activities within the school, including the various sports teams and Robotics. We also sponsor the Fruit Cart at both campuses. We assist teachers with requests to improve their classroom and work experiences as well. 

The Musketeer Fund is one of the largest areas that AL PTO sponsors, including the 5th grade Wildwood trip, the 6th grade trip to France, and the 8th grade trip to New Orleans. The funds in this portion of our budget vary from year to year, as this is largely dependent on the ticket sales for Evening In Paris, every April. Thanks to each parent for your support!

Who are the AL PTO Board members?​

AL PTO is comprised of an elected board that works to represent every parent/guardian associated with a child at AL, each teacher/staff member from all our campuses, and in the best interests of each child we serve.

2019-2020 AL PTO Board 

Armour Campus Representatives

Kelly Garr - Teacher Appreciation & Girls' Dance

Leslie Kohlmeyer - President

Rebecca Bogen Smith - Spirit Wear

Lynne Yarnevich - Secretary & Painless Fundraising


Oak Campus Representatives

Xavier Campbell - Trivia Night Chair

Jennie Hanna - Vice President, Oak / Gratitude Officer

Alonda Lona - Secretary & Restaurant Nights


Cherry Campus Representatives

Emily Drake

Azure Guidry - Vice President, Cherry

Beth Harlow

Nicole Kube - Evening in Paris (EIP) Chair

2019-2020 AL PTO Support 

Sophie Delahaye - Treasurer

Marianne Eppleheimer/Katy Ley - Graphics & Marketing

Laura Flynn-Golec - Events Coordinator

Caroline Knecht - Communications

Catherine VandeVelde - Website Management


2020-21 Académie Lafayette PTO